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Here it is..

Here it is….space to celebrate and embrace your single status. To talk about the positives of being unattached. To honour everything else that is working in our lives. And most importantly, to find ways to love ourselves and soothe the part in us that sometimes wishes things were different. It is what it is. Let’s take responsibility for our happiness.

I know you’re probably wondering who I am. So here it goes…..I am a single woman living in the city. #andinamtu (well put by my comrade, Yoli). I have kissed a lot of frogs. I have been a chimpanzee, literally jumping from one man to the next. I have felt the bitterness, the anger and the betrayal of a mad, bad breakup. I have resorted to being a mistress. I have cursed the male species and considered switching sides. I have ranted, raved and played the victim.

There were times when this got too much to handle, so I would settle for nights with my vibrator as company. However, this didn’t help relieve the loneliness of Sunday afternoons. This is when my craving for a real man holding me and breathing down my neck skyrocketed. Lockshin bioscope to the rescue! (Yep, it was THAT bad).

And exhausting.

So, after reading my unusually large collection of self help and taking advice from Oprah and Iyanla, I decided that maybe, just maybe, I could reflect a little. Take a long, hard look at myself. Self judgement and regret followed. But I was determined. I was going to fall in love with myself. To hug the parts of me that had settled for unhappiness just to avoid being alone. The time had come to be honest with myself and recogize my patterns. To forgive myself and the exes. I was tired of giving my power away. I decided to embrace my hard-earned lessons and move on. Tears flowed. Healing began.

The journey continues to this day.

This blog is meant to share my lessons.

However, please note: I do NOT know it all. I am still growing, still unfolding. I have bad days. Because the truth is, loneliness sucks sometimes. But, whatever it takes, I will laugh, I will dance and I will be alone but not lonely. Here’s to finding our bliss….in the meantime!