Releasing negative emotions:

Are you unable to bounce back after a setback due to a buildup of negative emotions like anger, anxiety, worry, fear, resentment, shame, guilt and hurt?  You can free yourself from the bondage and weight of emotional baggage with Negative Emotional Therapy.  Claim your power back and release the pain, hurt and disappointment from past relationships, retrenchment or dismissal etc.

Releasing long held negative beliefs:

Are you feeling stuck and unable to move forward with your life?  Have you given up on your dreams and desires because of past disappointment?  Do you feel that life sucks and we must suffer, grin and bear it?  Remember, what we believe about ourselves, relationships and life in general becomes true for us. Using Negative Belief Therapy, I can help you release those limiting beliefs and approach life with an ‘I can’ attitude and a deep knowing of your worth and value.

Quieting your conditioned negative self talk:

Do you feel like there's an emotional tug of war within you between the part that wants to move you forward and the part that tells you that you just CANNOT do it?  Using tools such as Inner Conflict Therapy, we can quiet the negative, fear filled voice in your head that has kept you feeling immobilized and overwhelmed by life.  This technique has a lasting, positive effect that leaves you feeling energized to move forward and step out without fear.

Elicitation of self love and a positive Self Image: 

Do you find yourself paralyzed with thoughts of not being lovable, good enough,  beautiful enough,  smart enough etc.  Using effective tools such as  Sub-Coding and the Bang Pattern, we can empower you to develop a loving relationship with yourself and improve your self image.  How you love and treat yourself sets the standard for others.  This technique will help you fall in love with yourself, set higher standards and show up fully in your life.

Public Speaking, Interviews and presentations : 

Do you feel paralyzed by public speaking, interviews and presentations?  This lack of confidence can limit your prospects for success.  Using proven meditation techniques, we can install a sense of confidence that enables you to speak with confidence.

Goal Setting & Achievement: 

Do you find yourself struggling with sticking to your goals and action plans because of prior conditioning, challenges and perceptions?  Using the Goal Achievement System & Subconscious Goal Programming Technique, I can help you develop a renewed positive attitude and commitment to your goals, overcome obstacles and see possibilities in your life.